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Pregnancy Yoga
and Beyond

Pregnancy is the perfect time to practice yoga!

Pregnancy is the perfect
time to practice yoga!

Welcome to BEarth

A studio specialising in yoga for Pregnancy and Birth.

Our passion is to support and nurture pregnant women during the most sacred journey in their lives!

We will help you prepare mentally and physically for the challenges of pregnancy and birth by building confidence, strength and stamina in the mind and body!

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can be an engaging, rewarding and comforting experience for pregnant women!

It will not only help you to prepare your body physically, but will also help you build and strengthen your connection with your own intuition about what is right for you, your body, and your baby.

We will give you tools to help you feel empowered during your pregnancy through to your birth, and help you make the right choices about your body and your baby.

You will learn different breathing techniques to help manage pain and anxiety during pregnancy, labour and birth.

You will have the opportunity to share your pregnancy and birth experience with other like-minded mothers, and be supported and inspired on your journey!

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Tel: 0452-213-275

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Pregnancy is the perfect 

time to practice yoga!