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I would recommend Kate’s pregnancy yoga terms to all mums to be. Creating that space in my week to focus on my pregnancy, baby and body was so beneficial. Kate creates such a relaxing, nurturing atmosphere and has a genuine care for each individual’s journey. 


The 5 week term was a beautiful experience for me. I started the classes at 33 weeks and was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up, however everything was manageable and slow and I went home each week feeling stronger and really happy with myself!


Kate is amazing, the classes were very calming, positive, and informative. I did the course early in my pregnancy and towards the end, I found I benefited more from it towards the end when I was more focused on slowing down and birth.


The most beautiful pregnancy yoga classes, every Monday I looked forward to class with Kate! It was so relaxing and calming and a great way to connect with bubba while also having a good stretch that really helped my aches and pains. It was great to learn some new labouring positions and to get to know other wonderful pregnant women who were all so lovely! Kate was so welcoming and never made you feel out of your comfort zone. Everyone walked out of class feeling so relaxed and calm. I will definitely be back!


Absolutely loved the classes and the community of women you have created for us to meet and be apart of. I loved your method of yoga, building the intensity and then ending on restorative yoga. Thank you so much!


I started when I was 19 weeks and went through 2 terms. Was absolutely fantastic, learning different breathing techniques and a range of different birthing positions. Could not recommend it enough!


Loved my term of pregnancy yoga with Kate. Gentle yoga, stretching and mental preparation through meditation and gratitude is just what I needed at this time. The room and materials used are beautiful and her calm, sweet voice and presence made it all a very enjoyable.


I absolutely loved coming to yoga in my pregnancy I found it a way to connect with other soon to be mothers, sharing our pregnancy experiences each week helped to feel not so alone in all the ever changing symptoms that can occur. I really loved the dedicated time to just slow down and relax with myself and connect with my baby.


Felt very nurtured and cared for at every class. Kate is a great teacher that really knows how to bring people together. I will be happily recommending her to all the pregnant mamas.


Kate creates a beautiful atmosphere to relax, unwind and engage in practice to prepare for labour and birth. She is an authentic teacher and prepares a meaningful class and term sequence for pregnant women.


It was so relaxing and informative and such a safe environment.


I started pregnancy yoga with Bearth and the lovely Kate at 16 weeks pregnant and have continued throughout my whole pregnancy on this journey with yoga and each session leaves me feeling connected to my baby and also my body more and more each time. Kate's environment always feels light and welcoming. Already counting down for the next baby to be able to come back and do more yoga with Kate. Really beautiful studio and Kate really does make you feel calm throughout the whole session.


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