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During our Prenatal Yoga Classes you will be guided through a range of yoga postures that will help to create space and alignment in the pelvis, build stability and strength in your body and relieve leg and back pain by focusing on good posture and alignment. 

Our classes can help you to improve blood and oxygen flow, increase energy and maintain flexibility and balance in the body as it goes through all the changes during pregnancy.

You will explore several active birth movements that will help you to stay active and upright during labour and birth.

You will be guided through a range of pelvic floor practices to promote healthy tone and flexibility in the pelvic floor muscles to assist in birth and in healing after birth.

We will explore different breathing techniques that will promote calm and reduce anxiety around labour and birth.

You will be guided through several meditations and visualisations that will help to connect to your body and baby, to relieve anxiety and fear around birth and to relieve exhaustion.


Classes are suitable from 14 weeks gestation all the way up until birth.

Casual class pass - $35 (subject to availability).

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