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Yoga & Mindfulness for Birth is designed for pregnant women in their 3rd trimester to help them prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for their birthing experience. 


During the sessions you will have an opportunity to explore movements and positions that can help create space in the pelvis for baby's descent and rotation. 


You will learn and explore the most effective birth positions for your body before birth, so when you are in labour, you can intuitively find the position your body needs. 


In each session we will practice different tools and techniques (breathing techniques, visualisations, meditation, affirmations and more) that can help you stay calm, relaxed and focused during birth and help you cope with the sensations of labour. 


You will explore early labour and active labour movements and positions using a birth ball, peanut ball and a Rebozo (Mexican shawl).


In our sessions you will learn about how your body works during labour and birth, as we discuss different aspects of physiological birth. 

We will discuss the benefits of vocalising/ using sounds during birth.


You will have an opportunity to become a part of a beautiful local community of like minded mammas to-be, as you connect and share your pregnancy journeys together.

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