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Restorative yoga practice is restful and quietening for the mind and body.

It can help with managing stress, as it slows down breathing, the heartrate, and metabolism.

It helps in management of anxiety and over-stimulation of the nervous system.

Practising Restorative yoga regularly, helps to open and release areas of tension and tightness in the body, to ease fatigue and elevate the mood.

Gentle inversions during practise, can help with promoting better blood circulation and balancing the hormonal system.

Practising Restorative yoga during pregnancy may help to stretch tight hips, relieve back tightness and discomfort, and also open the pelvis. It can relieve nausea and fatigue, as well as increase blood flow to the abdominal and pelvic regions. Restorative practice allows pregnant women feel nurtured and deeply relaxed.

This gentle practice can help women with management of menstrual pain and discomfort. Some restorative poses help to boost circulation to the pelvic area – promoting reproductive health and fertility for women and supporting women’s hormonal changes.

Suitable during pregnancy and early postpartum.

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